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What to bring

✔ Tent

✔ Sleeping bag

✔ Mattress

✔ Cash (You can only purchase coins with cash)

✔ Debit or credit card

✔ Bike

✔ Sunscreen

✔ Insurance card

✔ ID card

✔ Medical prescription (you need proof that they are yours)

✔ Water bottle

✔ A plate max. 21cm diameter

✔ A cup

✔ A spoon

✔ A fork

✔ A butter knife (nothing sharp like a steak knife)

✔ Dishcloth to dry off your plates

✔ Swimwear

✔ Towels

✔ A good mood!

What not to bring

X Alcohol

X Drugs

X Glass (perfumes are allowed)

X Weapons of any kind

X Laptop, Tablet, expensive equipment/ jewelry

X Friends & Family members

X Pets

(Instruments are allowed, on your own risk)