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Bring your own

Starting this edition we’re introducing the BYO initiative at Camp Lost. This adds onto Breda University of Applied Sciences vision on sustainability. With this you will need to bring you own plate, cup and cutlery. Removing hundreds of one use plates, cups and cutlery from being thrown away. With this step we will change what we are used to, but will decrease unnecessary waste for the future. 

Import points for you, as freshman to know:

* You need to bring a plate, we recommend a size of max. 21cm in diameter.

* You will need a cup, bring something that’s durable, it has to be a cup.

* Bring a knife, fork and spoon. We will only allow “butter” knifes, you won’t need anything sharp. 

The goal is to take the stuff you already have and can use after the camp again. At the camp itself we will provide washing stations for you to clean all of the items you take.